Bistrita City

Bistrita, capital of Bistrita-Nasaud County, is located in the North of Transylvania, on the inferior stream of Bistrita river, in an area of green hills covered with orchards.
The region was accurately described by Bram Stoker, who chose the Borgo forested area to locate Count Dracula’s castle from his well known novel.
Bistrita is one of the oldest cities in Transylvania, being first mentioned in an official document in 1264.
Other names the city is known as are: NOSEN and BISTRITZ in German, BESZTERCE in Hungarian.
During the kingdom of king Geza the IInd (1141-1162) in the area there are brought German colonists (sasch), who will determine the future development of the institutions, urbanism and art crafts after the pattern set by the occidental Europe.
The city was built after a very good plan, being thought as the central fair of the territory lived by German colonists and as a defense wall to protect Borgo Pass.
The developments of crafts leaded to intensified trades also favorised by the privilege given by the King Ludovic I at 24 of April 1353, offering the citizens the right to have an annual fair on Saint. Bartholomew, fair that lasted for 15 days.
Since 1366 Bistrita has its own symbols: siege, seal, and right to freely choose their own leaders. .
In 1409 the town is given the right to make defense walls around the city, which were finalized in 1654.
In 1465 the city had 18 defense towers.

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